Choosing a physician is very important for the qualified application of orthodontic treatment.

Teeth Correction – Orthodontics

A specialty field of dentistry, orthodontics is a branch that focuses on normal struc…

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Limits of Orthodontics

These are applications to minimise the problems occurred due to harmful habits that a…

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Which age groups are eligible for orthodontics (braces)?

Age is not a concern in dental correction. Treatment is possible regardless of age. I…

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Which is the best time to visit an orthodontist?

There is no need to worry about positioning of first teeth (milk teeth) in children. …

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Can adults receive orthodontic treatment (braces)?

Yes. Developing technologies make orthodontic treatments neglected during childhood p…

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What does jaw orthopaedics mean?

Jaw orthopaedics is a specific field of orthodontics dealing with broken relations be…

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What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthodontic and orthopaedic treatments can straighten teeth lining, and upper & l…

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How do teeth move during Orthodontic treatment (braces treatment)?

If a force is applied to the teeth via string, braces, or specific springs, a movemen…

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What is reinforcement treatment?

Orthodontic treatment lasts approximately 2 years. Right after teeth are straightened…

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What are orthodontic appliances?

Appliances mean devices. All apparatus utilized in orthodontic treatments are called …

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What are the rules that children must follow in orthodontic treatment?

There are certain rules for children to follow in orthodontic treatment. Parents are …

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Is it possible to make orthodontic treatment less obvious from outside?

Today, brace-look, the aspect that causes the biggest hesitation about orthodontic tr…

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