Mouth Care

The correct treatment of oral care is very important in maintaining oral and dental health.

Is bacteria plaque visible?

Yes, it can be seen. These are whitish stains located between two teeth at the neck p…

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Should we use antiseptic mouthwash?

Certain mouth and gum diseases may require mouthwash use for a determined period and …

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Why do we brush our teeth?

Primary purpose of brushing your teeth is to remove the bacteria plaque on your teeth…

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How many times must we brush a day?

You should brush your teeth three times a day: in the morning after breakfast, at noo…

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How long must we brush?

It should last approximately two minutes. Spare one minute for teeth on upper jaw and…

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Which is better, electric toothbrush or classic toothbrush?

Studies have shown that electrical brushing with rotation and oscillation ensures bes…

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How should we brush our teeth?

Putting roughly pea sized toothpaste on a reasonably sized toothbrush and brushing in…

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How to use floss?

Only brushing is not enough for complete mouth care. At least once a day you need to …

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