Dental Caries

Dental caries is very important both aesthetically and functionally and must be treated.

Why do teeth decay?

The bacteria in bacteria plaque formed in your mouth can create acid from remains of …

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What are signs of tooth cavity?

A decaying and cavitated tooth can easily be recognized with the dark coloured cavity…

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How does tooth decay advance?

Decaying always starts on tooth surface, and advances to reach dentin layer. Dentin i…

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What must you do to avoid tooth decay?

The first thing to do is to visit a dentist and follow their advice. In fact, avoidin…

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Why do bacterial plaques and carbohydrate food cause tooth decay?

Numerous research on bacterial plaque have undoubtedly confirmed that sugar and bacte…

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How to Avoid Tooth Decay

Sugar is one of the essential nutrients for our body, and tests on animals have shown…

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Who is more vulnerable to cavities?

Since cavities are caused by collaboration of sweets and flour products, literally ev…

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Is there an antibiotic against tooth decay?

There is no antibiotic to stop tooth decay. In fact, antibiotics will deposit on teet…

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Do certain habits contribute to cavity forming?

It has been known for many years that eating habits affect cavity forming (for exampl…

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Can Tooth Decay Be Prevented?

YES. The most effective methods include brushing teeth twice a day after breakfast an…

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How are cavities treated?

We know that tooth cavities do not heal spontaneously and destroyed texture will not …

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