Implant Treatment

Implant treatments; It has recently become the gold standard in tooth loss.

Dental Implants

Today, it is agreed beyond dispute that dental implants are the best alternative to n…

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What is an implant?

In short, an implant is an artificial tooth root made of appropriate material, fixed …

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Are there different types of implants?

Yes. After becoming popular, different types of implants have been introduced to mark…

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Is implant treatment safe and durable?

The studies to produce single tooth implant which is safe and of good quality have be…

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Can implants be utilized in each case?

If there are sufficient bones to support an implant, implants can be utilized in each…

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Can implants be applied on every patient?

Implant screws are structures with certain width and thickness. Therefore, the area w…

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Will I feel pain while implant is being placed?

Not if appropriate anaesthesia methods are applied. During operation, general or loca…

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Can my prosthetics be mounted immediately after my implants are installed?

No.  In order to ensure proper bonding of implant and bone (osteointegration), w…

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I would like to have an implant, how long does treatment take in total?

In these modern times, implant operations can be completed in 30 minutes. Total time …

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Is cleanliness of implants important?

Yes, it is extremely important. Considering implants are foreign objects in your mout…

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How is a prosthetic mounted on an implant?

Prosthetics over implants vary according to specifications of each case. They may be …

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Do I need an implant for each missing tooth?

No. If you are missing more than one tooth, one implant can serve for 2 or 3 teeth, d…

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