Hygiene is one of our top priorities; we focus meticulously on the subject and make no compromise. We have dedicated sterilization and disinfection units in our clinic. In addition to modern methods and equipment, we utilize additional antibacterial and antimicrobial products tested and approved by German DHGM standards.

All disinfectant products used in our clinic are bactericide, fungisidal, and virucide (including HBV-HIV-Tuberculosis) effective. Relevant devices, surface disinfectants, care and maintenance solutions are prepared separately in their specific containers in accordance with efficiency level. In addition, hand disinfectants and soaps are readily available in all rooms/bathrooms.


Tools are rinsed and soaked in prepared solution for 301 minutes before each use. After removal, they are brushed again, washed with plenty of water, dried, packed and sterilized.

After each patient appointment, everything in the room (including patient chair and surfaces) is wiped with special 55 FF disinfection solution before next patient is allowed in. All headrests are oiled before sterilization, and then they are sprayed with disinfectant, packed, and sterilized respectively. Other than these, all tools, gadgets and devices receive regular and ultrasonic maintenance as required.

Dental patient chair is self-cleaning with a special apparatus and solution, as well as disinfecting all inner hardware. All medical waste and incision tools are stored in their special containers with zero-touch, and collected by specialists for disposal.





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